George Mosher of Andover MA : Travel Photography Tips

George Mosher is a young entrepreneur who lives and works in Andover, MA. Photography and international travel are just two of his many diverse interests. For two weeks, he combined the two during a photography trip with National Geographic to Italy and Greece.

Travel photography is more than selling pictures for income. To artistic people like George Mosher of Andover, MA, it’s a way to explore the world and showcase its beauty. If you’d like to start doing travel photography, you can apply tips like those below to begin:

• Get Lost You can capture brilliant travel photography scenes anywhere if you go to an unfamiliar location and get lost. Walk down side streets, avoid tourist spots, watch the locals, meander up small alleys and photograph everything that catches your eye.
Try this first in your hometown and then, if you’re adventurous, somewhere you’ve never been before.

Notice Your Attention When you first arrive at a location, notice what captures your attention. Write it down in a notebook. Return later and photograph it based on your notes.

Basing your shots on what moves you, interests you, makes you happy or even makes you feel uncomfortable leads to fascinating travel photography.

Though quitting your day job to become a photographer might not be the best first step, you can join professionals like George Mosher Andover MA in this trade taking pictures of local areas until you’re ready to hit the road.

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George Mosher of Andover, MA: Benefits of Playing Video Games

Playing video games might make you think of your childhood, but many successful professionals like the Andover, MA, businessman, George Mosher, enjoy a few hours of playtime, too.

Video games are integrated in modern society and are now associated with many benefits that can help professionals and students succeed. For example, gamers like Andover, MA’s George Mosher often cite perks like those touched on below:

•    Gaming Helps Surgeons : The modern surgeon operates differently than surgeons of the past. Laparoscopic surgeries, for example, require the surgeon to work remotely through a small incision in the patient. Those who play more video games make fewer mistakes during laparoscopic surgery.

•    Gaming Helps Dyslexia : Dyslexia often improves when a person learns to focus their mind. Though video games might not cure dyslexia, intense action games can help reduce problems caused by the condition.

•    Gaming Helps Eyesight : Video games, when played in moderation, could help improve your vision and your ability to differentiate colors. Furthermore, some studies have shown video games to be effective in improving the function of a lazy eye.

•    Gaming Helps Careers : Many video games encourage career skills such as leadership, community building and creative thinking. They also help professionals make faster, better decisions. Thus, some companies value employees who spend time playing video games.

The above points are just some of the many reasons why professionals like George Mosher Andover MA make time for gaming. If you’d like to get ahead in your career, engage your mind or even keep your body healthy, it might be time to allow yourself an hour or two of video games in your weekend routine.

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George Mosher of Andover, MA: Basic Professional Photography Skills

As a photographer, business owner and university student, George Mosher has earned a reputation in Andover, MA, as a diverse entrepreneur. Mr. Mosher’s photography skills have allowed him to further his career and, once, they took him to Italy and Greece through National Geographic.

When photographers like Andover, MA’s George Mosher get behind the lens, they use foundations of basic skills to produce stunning, impactful shots. Some such skills are touched on below:

•    Re-Learn to See : Photography is an art and, to succeed, most view the world with the eyes of an artist. Re-learning to see allows you to begin observing basic photography elements in everyday life. For example, when sitting on a bus, you might consider the color, balance and composition of potential shots of fellow passengers.

•    Know Your Gear :  Good photographers know their equipment and are always open to advice on how to use equipment better or differently. Regardless of your equipment, familiarize yourself with it so that you know how to use each setting to the best advantage in any photo.

•    Always Be Ready :  Photographers must be ready to take great pictures and many carry cameras with them daily to be sure. You must also, however, be ready to eliminate photos that do not capture their styles and skills. When you review your photos, do not keep poorly-composed shots – these reflect poorly on you.

If you’d like to brush up on the basics to take extraordinary shots, pick up the latest photography book to learn alongside pros like George Mosher Andover MA.

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George Mosher of Andover, MA: Potential Professional Photography Fields

George Mosher of Andover MA is a well-traveled professional presently based in Andover, MA, to continue his university education. Among Mr. Mosher’s many focuses is photography – he even enjoyed an international photography trip with National Geographic after graduating high school.

If you’d like to add photographer to your resume, you can choose from several potential fields that interest you. Below are just some of many areas that professional photographers like Andover, MA’s George Mosher explore:

•    Portrait Photography: Portrait photographers take pictures of individual people and groups of people. Specialties within portrait photography can include areas such as weddings, school photography and religious ceremonies. Many portrait photographers run their own businesses and manage everything from accounting to image processing.

•    News Photography : News photographers, also known as photojournalists, take photos of sporting, community and political events, as well as other newsworthy happenings in and around their areas. News photographers follow strict ethics and often enjoy profitable careers through large companies.

•    Commercial Photography : Commercial photographers take photos of a variety of subjects like models, buildings, landscapes, historical artifacts and vehicles. Their photos are often found in a wide variety of media.

•    Scientific Photography : Scientific photographers record data and phenomena to further a field of scientific study. Such professionals usually specialize in related scientific fields – biology, medicine or engineering, for example – and combine photography with previous studies.

Consider seeking mentorship in photography from someone like George Mosher Andover MA to learn more about which fields might work best for you. Who knows where your new career could take you?

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George Mosher of Andover, MA – On the Importance of Light in Photography and Kinds of White Light

George Mosher Andover MA loves photography and even went on a trip to Europe to practice his photography skills.

Light is an important element of any image, which is why professional photographers are very interested in the qualities of light. They need to be able to technically describe it because being able to do so is the first step in being able to recreate it and control it.

The most important quality of light for a photographer is its brightness. For photography purposes, a brighter light is almost always better than a dim light. At the most basic level, a photographer can’t get a picture without having enough light.

Light color can often make significant artistic contributions to photographs. However, most photos are made with white light. Light is considered to be white when it contains an even mix of red, blue, and green. Our eye perceives this combination of colors as colorless.

People usually can’t tell the difference between light sources that have similar proportions of color mixture unless they can compare them side by side.

Modern digital cameras make the same adjustments to light as the human brain does. Our eyes can usually detect different color mixtures in the light, but if a mixture is close to the even mix of primary colors, our brain considers the light to be white. To describe different variations of the color of the white light, photographers like George Mosher of Andover, MA use the color temperature scale from physics.

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George Mosher of Andover, MA – An Introduction to DSLR Cameras

George Mosher Andover MA is an avid fan of photography.Today, digital SLR cameras are available in virtually every price range and are becoming more and more popular. Most people know that SLR stands for single lens reflex, meaning that the camera uses a complex set of mirrors to provide viewing of an image through the same lens that takes the picture.

DSLR cameras stand out in the photography world for a number of reasons.

The image that you can view on the screen is almost identical to the final picture. With many other cameras, photographers have to look through a tiny window and examine a miniature version of the subject or wonder if the image is in focus. While LCD screens on the back of cheap point-and-shoot cameras do a similar job, the LCD may be difficult to view in the bright light and is usually very small. Digital SLR cameras come with a viewfinder that closely replicates the image from the sensor and is bigger and brighter compared to the images offered by LCD screens of point-and-shoot cameras.

A DSLR also provides photographers with an almost instant response to the pressed trigger. There’s no need to press the shutter release and then wait a few seconds for the camera to take a shot. DSLR cameras can shoot as fast as the photographer can press the button.

DSLRs also give photographers freedom when it comes to different lenses. It is possible for a photographer like George Mosher Andover  MA to go from an all-purpose lens to a close-up lens to a super-wide angle lens all with one camera.

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George Mosher of Andover, MA – Different Goals when Lifting Weights

When you just begin lifting weights and training like George Mosher of Andover, MA, your goal should be to build strength and put on more muscle. Gaining twenty to thirty pounds of muscle can lead to a very dramatic transformation. People who haven’t seen you in a while will have a hard time believing their eyes.

Once you achieve these goals, your drive will change. Looking good and having a lot of muscle will no longer be the goal. This is the time for you to set some new goals. After you train for a few years, your ability to gain more muscle mass will slow down significantly. Making gains will become harder and harder. In order to not get stuck in a rut, you need to know what you are doing and why. This can help you keep your schedule and maintain the intensity of your weight lifting workouts.

There are several goals you can accomplish in the intermediate term. They include improving the proportions of your body, strength, and staying healthy. The good news is that you can accomplish all of this at the same time.

If you want to sculpt your ideal physique, there are a lot of things you can work on. Examples include working on your calves, developing your core and abs. If you are not really interested in physique, you can focus on maximizing strength. This is when at every workout your goal should be to beat your previous workout. Weight lifters like George Mosher Andover MA know that this is not realistic in terms of actual weights, but it is realistic to beat your repetitions with a given weight.

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