George Mosher of Andover, MA – Weightlifting Tips for Teens and Young Adults

Young adults who weightlift, like George Mosher Andover MA of Andover, Massachusetts, are aware that due to their young age, there are certain ways they should go about developing a weight training program that will be safe and set them up for a better physical future. Teens and young adults have bodies that are still in a stage of growth, so special caution needs to be taken with weight levels and amounts.

Because of the impact of puberty, teens and young adults need to keep weight levels low, get plenty of rest, and, aside from fish oil and protein, should steer clear of any supplements. One step to make sure a proper weightlifting program is being created and followed is to meet with a personal trainer. These professionals will help young adult lifters follow a correct, safe lifting regimen and make sure they are using proper form while exercising to prevent injuries from occurring. Young lifters should also use moderate weight levels and a higher number of repetitions. This step will also help to reduce injuries.

George Mosher Andover MA and other youthful lifters focus on using regular sets of lifting with a solid weight level throughout the entirety of each set. Heavier weight levels should not be introduced until after the lifter has established a core base and has grown a bit older. Teen and young adult lifters also need to be cognizant of the rest their growing bodies need and take off three days per week from lifting. Finally, young lifters should keep a realistic set of goals in mind; muscle growth takes time, so patience is a necessity.



About George Mosher Andover MA

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