George Mosher of Andover, MA – Tennis Drills for Young Students

Children’s tennis instructors like George Mosher of Andover, MA of Andover, Massachusetts, learned through experience the steps needed to teach kids the fundamentals of the game. The best way to learn these fundamentals is through drills, which, if approached the right way, can be fun for kids to do while learning the basics of tennis.

By breaking down each set of movements into independent movements, young players’ confidence can grow while they are learning proper technique. Eventually, they can begin to combine those independent movements and become better players. Warm-ups are an important first exercise to get blood flowing and build up anticipation for the rest of the lesson. It’s a great opportunity to teach and then review the names of the different lines on the court. Simple backhand and forehand drills are necessary to help strengthen hand-eye coordination, which can be improved with dribble exercises. The next step is to take the backhand and forehand exercises and add a ball toss; the student will need to move his feet faster, focus on his timing, and learn to start judging ball speed.

George Mosher Andover MA and other tennis instructors also use forward and backward, forehand and backhand drills to challenge young players to develop a feel for the depth and speed of the ball, similar to what they would experience in an actual match. This drill teaches students who to move forward to hit shorter shots and backwards to hit longer ones. Simple service motions and service accuracy are also key drills that young students should learn as soon as possible.


About George Mosher Andover MA

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