George Mosher of Andover, MA – On the Importance of Light in Photography and Kinds of White Light

George Mosher Andover MA loves photography and even went on a trip to Europe to practice his photography skills.

Light is an important element of any image, which is why professional photographers are very interested in the qualities of light. They need to be able to technically describe it because being able to do so is the first step in being able to recreate it and control it.

The most important quality of light for a photographer is its brightness. For photography purposes, a brighter light is almost always better than a dim light. At the most basic level, a photographer can’t get a picture without having enough light.

Light color can often make significant artistic contributions to photographs. However, most photos are made with white light. Light is considered to be white when it contains an even mix of red, blue, and green. Our eye perceives this combination of colors as colorless.

People usually can’t tell the difference between light sources that have similar proportions of color mixture unless they can compare them side by side.

Modern digital cameras make the same adjustments to light as the human brain does. Our eyes can usually detect different color mixtures in the light, but if a mixture is close to the even mix of primary colors, our brain considers the light to be white. To describe different variations of the color of the white light, photographers like George Mosher of Andover, MA use the color temperature scale from physics.


About George Mosher Andover MA

George Mosher of Andover, MA has had the opportunity to take a photography trip to Greece, and like other photographers visiting this country, learned some important steps to make the trip a successful one. Flash photography is not allowed in Greece’s ancient buildings and museums, and is completely banned in some, like the Acropolis. Photographers shooting the landscape need to beware of the haziness that often obscures Greece’s horizon due to high heat.
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