George Mosher of Andover MA : Travel Photography Tips

George Mosher is a young entrepreneur who lives and works in Andover, MA. Photography and international travel are just two of his many diverse interests. For two weeks, he combined the two during a photography trip with National Geographic to Italy and Greece.

Travel photography is more than selling pictures for income. To artistic people like George Mosher of Andover, MA, it’s a way to explore the world and showcase its beauty. If you’d like to start doing travel photography, you can apply tips like those below to begin:

• Get Lost You can capture brilliant travel photography scenes anywhere if you go to an unfamiliar location and get lost. Walk down side streets, avoid tourist spots, watch the locals, meander up small alleys and photograph everything that catches your eye.
Try this first in your hometown and then, if you’re adventurous, somewhere you’ve never been before.

Notice Your Attention When you first arrive at a location, notice what captures your attention. Write it down in a notebook. Return later and photograph it based on your notes.

Basing your shots on what moves you, interests you, makes you happy or even makes you feel uncomfortable leads to fascinating travel photography.

Though quitting your day job to become a photographer might not be the best first step, you can join professionals like George Mosher Andover MA in this trade taking pictures of local areas until you’re ready to hit the road.


About George Mosher Andover MA

George Mosher of Andover, MA has had the opportunity to take a photography trip to Greece, and like other photographers visiting this country, learned some important steps to make the trip a successful one. Flash photography is not allowed in Greece’s ancient buildings and museums, and is completely banned in some, like the Acropolis. Photographers shooting the landscape need to beware of the haziness that often obscures Greece’s horizon due to high heat.
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