George Mosher Andover MA : Benefits of Daily Reading

As a busy professional and university student in Andover. George Mosher Andover MA manages a tight schedule with several obligations. Despite his long days, however, Mr. Mosher also makes time to read on a regular basis.

Professionals like Andover, MA’s George Mosher likely wouldn’t make time for reading if it didn’t offer benefits. In addition to exploring new worlds and learning about new subjects, reading daily provides perks like those touched on below:

• Better Memory Reading a fiction book requires you to remember names and traits of characters, the history of new worlds, story arcs and various subplots. To remember what it needs to when reading a book, your brain can form new synapses and strengthen existing connections, both of which will improve your memory for all areas of your life.

• Stronger Thinking Reading stimulating books that prompt you to think in new ways trains your mind to approach situations with different perspectives. From mystery novels to career-related books, the more you read, the better your mind will work and the further your thoughts can take you.

• Improved Focus In a world of cat photos and seven-second video clips, the attention span of the modern audience is waning. Reading books requires you to devote continual focus to a single topic and it rewards you to doing so. This can boost your ability to focus on your career, education or personal improvement.

Before writing off reading, pick up a book from the library to give it a go without spending a dime. Soon, you might find yourself among regular readers like George Mosher Andover MA and others from around the world.


About George Mosher Andover MA

George Mosher of Andover, MA has had the opportunity to take a photography trip to Greece, and like other photographers visiting this country, learned some important steps to make the trip a successful one. Flash photography is not allowed in Greece’s ancient buildings and museums, and is completely banned in some, like the Acropolis. Photographers shooting the landscape need to beware of the haziness that often obscures Greece’s horizon due to high heat.
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