George Mosher of Andover MA : Why Photography?

George Mosher Andover MA is an artist and an entrepreneur who is based in his hometown of Andover, MA. George Mosher Andover MA interest in photography dates to art classes at a young age and, since then, his creativity has soared.

Following his high school graduation, George Mosher left Andover, MA, for an international photography trip with National Geographic. George Mosher Andover MAcaptured Italy and Greece through his unique viewpoint and cemented his adoration for the art. Points like those below are some of many reasons to join photographers like Mr. Mosher:

• Universal Language Though music is the more commonly referred to as a universal language, photography also allows you to communicate with almost anyone in the world. Your pictures will tell a story about how you see the world and about what matters to you.

• Memories Some people might think it’s silly to carry a camera everywhere, but those same people will ask you for shots when you capture memories. Photography preserves events and experiences in ways that many take for granted, allowing you to look back and reflect for life.

• Awareness When you start taking photographs, your awareness of the world around you becomes heightened. What was once mundane is now incredible. You’ll notice colors, textures, shapes, lights, flowers, trees, people, animals and all kinds of things that you might have otherwise glazed over.

Take a page from George Mosher Andover MA who snaps shots around Andover, MA, and start by photographing your hometown.


About George Mosher Andover MA

George Mosher of Andover, MA has had the opportunity to take a photography trip to Greece, and like other photographers visiting this country, learned some important steps to make the trip a successful one. Flash photography is not allowed in Greece’s ancient buildings and museums, and is completely banned in some, like the Acropolis. Photographers shooting the landscape need to beware of the haziness that often obscures Greece’s horizon due to high heat.
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