George Mosher of Andover, MA: Potential Professional Photography Fields

George Mosher of Andover MA is a well-traveled professional presently based in Andover, MA, to continue his university education. Among Mr. Mosher’s many focuses is photography – he even enjoyed an international photography trip with National Geographic after graduating high school.

If you’d like to add photographer to your resume, you can choose from several potential fields that interest you. Below are just some of many areas that professional photographers like Andover, MA’s George Mosher explore:

•    Portrait Photography: Portrait photographers take pictures of individual people and groups of people. Specialties within portrait photography can include areas such as weddings, school photography and religious ceremonies. Many portrait photographers run their own businesses and manage everything from accounting to image processing.

•    News Photography : News photographers, also known as photojournalists, take photos of sporting, community and political events, as well as other newsworthy happenings in and around their areas. News photographers follow strict ethics and often enjoy profitable careers through large companies.

•    Commercial Photography : Commercial photographers take photos of a variety of subjects like models, buildings, landscapes, historical artifacts and vehicles. Their photos are often found in a wide variety of media.

•    Scientific Photography : Scientific photographers record data and phenomena to further a field of scientific study. Such professionals usually specialize in related scientific fields – biology, medicine or engineering, for example – and combine photography with previous studies.

Consider seeking mentorship in photography from someone like George Mosher Andover MA to learn more about which fields might work best for you. Who knows where your new career could take you?


About George Mosher Andover MA

George Mosher of Andover, MA has had the opportunity to take a photography trip to Greece, and like other photographers visiting this country, learned some important steps to make the trip a successful one. Flash photography is not allowed in Greece’s ancient buildings and museums, and is completely banned in some, like the Acropolis. Photographers shooting the landscape need to beware of the haziness that often obscures Greece’s horizon due to high heat.
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